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Full Webinar: £199 for 2 months access

Running time
Full Webinar: 1 hr 10 mins

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Presenter: Dr Margot Sunderland

About this webinar

The webinar is a vital resource for child professionals and parents who want to support their children to thrive. It is designed to empower child professionals and parents with a wealth of practical ideas, tools and techniques, to support a child’s communication skills and social, emotional and cognitive development.

 With delightfully engaging adult-child footage throughout (ages 3 months to age 12), the webinar demonstrates many  specific  practical interventions on how to be and what to say to engage infants and children in attachment play, proven to develop both mind and brain and to enhance confidence, social skills, language and learning. The underpinning neuroscientific and psychological evidence is also explained throughout. (fully referenced). 

Benefits from attending:

  • Take away key skills and interventions that can be applied to any work setting
  • Learn about the importance of attachment Play: brain Science, psychology and benefits for Learning and Life 
  • Take away a whole menu of attachment play and imaginative games for adults and children to enhance their relationship. 
  • Understand how to build secure attachments when working with troubled and traumatised children
  • Feel empowered to deeply connect with children and young people
  • Learn how research shows that the positive impact of attachment play on the developing brain is an effective alternative to the psychostimulant, methylphenidate for the treatment of ADHD 
  • Gain confidence in what to say, how to attune and empathise to support a child’s communication and language skills
  • Watch moving film that shows how time with a reflective adult can bring about long-term positive change to brain and mind

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About Dr Margot Sunderland

Dr Margot Sunderland is Director of Education and Training at The Centre for Child Mental Health London, Co-Director of Trauma Informed Schools UK, Honorary Visiting Fellow at London Metropolitan University, Senior Associate Member of the Royal College of Medicine, Child Psychotherapist and qualified teacher. She was also a member of the Early Years Commission, Centre for Social Justice, Westminster and co-author of the Cross-party Advisory Report ‘The Next Generation’ (early years intervention). She has produced two DVDs on Child Development, one entitled ‘Communication Skills and Attachment Play: The First Five Years’ (Redshark TV). Margot is also author of over 20 books in the field of child mental health, which collectively have been translated into 18 languages and published in 24 countries. Her internationally acclaimed book, ‘What Every Parent Needs to Know/The Science of Parenting’ won a First Prize in the British Medical Association Medical Book awards and has been voted as one of the best brain books of our time by The Dana Foundation. Dr Sunderland has been studying the neuroscience and psychology of adult-child relationships (meta-analysis) for over 20 years. s.