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We are delighted to present our live stream one day events on key topics on child mental health with our sister organisation Centre for Child Mental Health-

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This three hour online training will support the return to school following the Covid-19 pandemic. The session is aimed at all school and community organisation staff and will offer both underpinning theory and practical application to enable staff to understand the impact of the crisis and move forward to find a new normal.

Topics include:

  • Re-experiencing the world as safe
  • Acknowledging losses
  • The science and practice of gratitude
  • Supporting transition back to school
  • Re-affirming connection and belonging
  • Understanding the impact of the pandemicon behaviour
  • Incorporating learning into practice –finding a new normal

£850 for whole staff groups of up to 300 on a date of your choice

For more information email or ring 01752 278474