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What Delegates Say



"I was able to have the confidence to speak to a withdrawn visually impaired child who had only lost his eyesight a few weeks previously. I would have been nervous about saying the ‘wrong thing’ without the help of your course, but your course gave me the confidence and we spoke for around an hour. This filled my heart with joy that I was able to help in some small way at a particularly hard time for this child."

2023 TISUK Practitioner


"I’m just writing to say thank you to your team for the training you delivered today. I can honestly say that it was, by far, the best, most insightful, profoundly moving, expertly evidenced, endlessly interesting and fascinating, relevant and (as I’m sure will be testified to before long) most useful training I have received in my teaching career."

WST Attendee

"I thoroughly enjoyed the training as it made you look at everything from all angles and just not one point of view.  My colleagues and myself have been discussing the training and how we can approach things.  It opens up so many aspects of a child’s world that we may not quite understand, and also the family unity holistically as a whole and just not a part."

Denise Waters

Richard Lander School

"The content was thought provoking for both work and life in general. It was great to find out more of the neuro science behind childhood development and also to discover the repair possibilities! 

A fantastic array of reading and links to resources where given. In a nut shell wow. I hope more people get the chance to learn this useful information."

Billy Trenerry Programme co-ordinator Real Ideas


"This has been the best training course I have been on. It has changed the way I look at situations especially those involving young people. It has widened my knowledge and understanding of people, their behaviour and what it means giving me a better understanding of the human brain and the driving factors behind some behaviours.  

The police are usually the first service to come in contact with people who need assistance. A greater understanding of adverse childhood experiences can play a vital role when we complete our visits as including and highlighting these means a lot to schools and other services who can start to look at these sooner. The link between these and later criminality is staggering and something that all police services should be looking at as a way of crime prevention. 

I have gained vital skills, since I completed the training I have used these skills both within my job and at home, changing the way we speak people enables them to give you more information and have a more positive interaction." 

David Brailey-Evans, Neighbourhood Beat Manager


"Although I have read and researched extensively on the topics covered in the TIS training session I was completely blown away by the overall quality of the session.

Ellie’s ability to contextualise and frame the boundless information in bitesize, manageable chunks was impressive.  However, the most wonderful thing about the experience was the combination of high quality information and with a delivery style full of passion, empathy and integrity.

I was stimulated in my curiosity, my emotions were tapped into, my sense of wonder provoked by the science included and more than anything else, my renewed deep sense of humility and responsibility for the impact I can have in every encounter has left me breathless.

Training at its absolute best."

Helen Power Navigator Real Ideas

"This mornings session provided a fantastic in depth look into what we perhaps vaguely know about the people we care for, but brought into sharp relief the effects on their lives from various influences and events, and reminded me of the colossal responsibility we have to them, and the potential we have to change their lives for the better.

It is never a bad time to be reminded of the core purpose in our vocation: to help young people grow and develop their true potential. I think the training journey Julie took us on will galvanise our efforts to meet our children’s needs. 

 I won’t hesitate to recommend your organisation in future as absolutely essential for any school/educator that claims to have the well-being of their children as their top priority."

WST Attendee


"It has been the most stimulating course I have done. It is the first time, that I can remember, that I feel excited by learning again. I have met with three parents who now see their children differently. I had a go with sand play with a colleague and it was transformative, deeply moving and, she said, resolved her distress. I feel as if I have found a secret room in a house which I knew was there but which I couldn't find. I have found it in dreams but, on waking up, I knew it wasn't true. Now I am touching the door handle and I am awake! I cannot thank you enough. I feel different."

2020 Delegate


"I have been receiving and delivering training in the field of working with young people for about 20 years now. In that time I have heard, seen and (I would like to think) delivered some fairly powerful presentations on some of the more challenging aspects of providing safe, quality services and education for children, young people and vulnerable adults.

When I heard that for 3 hours I would be sitting in front of a powerpoint presentation over a zoom meeting about trauma, I have to say my heart sank. How wrong I was…

Ellie’s delivery was not only passionate and highly informed, it was relatable to scenarios we have all been in. As educators, parents, individuals, the practical examples were spot on and the science that backed them up was pitched at just the right level to be both accessible and informative.

I have sat through training on some of the most difficult to listen subjects but… This is absolutely the first time that I have wept during training. Before and after coffee and the chance to gather myself!!

Very moving, very insightful , very practical, very important. More of the same for everyone who gets to be near a child please!"

Ed Hart Programme Lead Real Ideas 

"I found the training really useful, engaging and of personal interest. I have wanted to complete this training for a long time and consider it a useful tool to those working with young people. Having knowledge of how children can be adversely impacted through traumatic experience is part of a jigsaw that I believe, is the foundation to building a safe and trusted relationship. Interestingly, despite schools being trained in this area, we are still seeing systems in place that contradict this trusted research and practitioners who ignore the science. 

I found the 3 hours totally engaging and was left wanting more…. In part because of the presenter. Ellie was so knowledgeable and passionate, with real life examples to reflect on.  Her style was fantastic and very captivating. The content was plentiful and constantly left me questioning my practice and my relationships with young people and my own children. The neuroscience behind it all is fascinating and although this was a overview of the full training, it was jam packed with enough information to be an excellent stand alone and the basis to provoke further reading and research around the subject." 

Schools Consultant