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Duty of care for applicants and delegates


We ask you to note that our trauma informed trainings are an emotionally powerful experience and can be experienced at times as emotionally challenging. Please be aware of this before applying. Unless delegates have sufficiently addressed their painful life experiences leading to personal awareness, insight and robustness, it is not possible to be truly emotionally available to the distress of others. 

Due to our duty of care to applicants, on the application form for longer courses we ask about traumatic life experiences. This is never from a judgemental position but to support. As you will  know,  people who have experienced trauma and come out the other side through processing in the presence of an emotionally available adult, tend to be superb practitioners as they are not afraid of a child’s pain or distress and know about empathy and the power of telling your story to someone who is trained to listen. 

In conversation with applicants, together we can ascertain whether past trauma has been sufficiently processed so that the training doesn’t open up old wounds causing distress. We may ask that you  seek support either prior to and/or during the course and we may decide to defer your application and/or remaining days of the course until such time that emotional support has been received.