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Part one / two: 1 hr 58 mins


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This webinar is essential viewing for anyone working or living with children/young people who have experienced maltreatment.

The webinar starts by exploring how child maltreatment impacts on the brain. Dr Sunderland then addresses the key components of developmental trauma ( DT) including poor emotional regulation, cutting off from vulnerable feelings, blocked trust, seeing relationships as being about power and control, very low self-esteem and dissociation as a defence against unbearable pain. She explores how DT is an interpersonal trauma, involving major disruption to the attachment relationship. From this, she goes on to consider what needs to happen in current and future key relationships in the child’s life in order to bring about secure attachment, often for the first time. In detail, she addresses how emotionally available adults need to be with these children and specifically how to respond in moments of intense emotion and with behaviours that challenge. In summary, Dr Sunderland explains how to relate to these children so they can heal, whilst ensuring that others (e.g., schools) are made aware of their special emotional needs that must be responded to.

What you will gain from viewing

  • Learn how to recognise developmental trauma.
  • Learn key relational skills for connecting with children and young people with blocked trust.
  • Learn how to use PACE (Play, Acceptance, Curiosity and Empathy) with highly defended children. Understand how and when to hear the child’s story in order to bring about coherent narrative, alleviate self- hatred and ensure against them repeating their trauma with others, (either as victim or perpetrator).
  • Gain skills in how to put down boundaries, whilst at the same time maintaining the child’s dignity and psychological safety.
  • Understanding dissociation and dissociative amnesia: the neuroscience, psychology and how to be and what to do. Understand how to educate trauma uninformed schools about the needs of these children.

CPD certificate

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