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106 mins

The role of emotion in the process of change

In this webinar Professor Leslie Greenberg’s talks about his extraordinary research on how people suffering from mental health problems, change. His evidence on the centrality of emotion in the change process spans decades. In the webinar, he emphasises that much of what is offered to address mental health issues are simply coping skills. Whereas order to live a deeply fulfilling life, we need deep transformational change. It’s far more than just symptom alleviation. As Greenberg states, “CBT teaches coping skills – it is excellent at that, but it doesn’t get to core pain. Coping skills are not transformation, they are two totally different enterprises but often meshed together as if they are the same thing. My hope is that somewhere in the future we will have that as a clear distinction.”

In the webinar Professor Greenberg explores the essential components of the therapeutic journey that leads to transformational change. Child mental health practitioners will lean how to help people access core pain, to become aware of what they are feeling, to change emotion with emotion, and to provide corrective emotional experience. All these result in people being free to live life to the full no longer carrying emotional baggage.

Please note: The webinar requires some prior psychological knowledge