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Webinars - Schools & Organisations

These webinars are vital CPD for all TISUK practitioners, schools and organisations.



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1hr 23 mins



So many teenagers suffer the pain of mental health symptoms without ever knowing the evidence-based research on both causes and how to heal. Instead, they hold all sorts of neuromyths such as, “It’s faulty genes,” or “I have a chemical imbalance in my brain,” which leaves them feeling hopeless about ever being able to change. They adopt coping strategies, but these are quick fixes and sticking plasters, never alleviating the underlying emotional pain that fuels their symptoms. So, this webinar is designed to empower practitioners with cutting edge research about the neuroscience and psychology of mental health and ill- health which they can pass on to teenagers. This is so that teenagers can make informed choices including seeking intervention that enables them to live with their mind in peace not in torment.  All the following will be challenged: “Can’t I just mediate or do yoga/ keep calm and carry on/do self-help/take anti-depressants and get a diagnosis?” In their place, there will be in-depth exploration of what we mean by effective psychological care and evidence based relational interventions for enduring transformational change.