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These webinars are vital CPD for all TISUK practitioners, schools and organisations.



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Running time
2 hour 42 mins




On average children wait 10 years to get help for a mental health problem. (The Centre for Mental Health Report: Missed Opportunities: Children and Young People’s Mental Health 2016). So schools are left holding the baby. Yet research shows that many teachers feel frightened and de-skilled about working with child mental health issues. Two out of three teachers for example, are worried that if they talk to children who self-harm, it will make things worse. (Talking Self Harm Report, 2015) Furthermore 50 percent of teachers say their job is causing them severe stress (mostly because of children’s mental health problems) and many are leaving the profession as a result.
So this training, supported by over 1000 evidence-based research studies, is designed to empower school staff to understand the needs of children and teenagers who have suffered a trauma or have a mental health issue. Delegates will also learn what happens in Trauma and Mental Health Informed schools in terms of key relational approaches and interventions to positively impact the whole school culture

  • The neuroscience and psychology of child and adolescent mental health and mental ill-health: what every teacher needs to know
  • Model One: ACE (Adverse Childhood Experience) study and Protective Factors in schools that change children’s lives
  • Model Two: Professor Jaak Panksepp’s model of mental health, mental ill-health and theory of change
  • The role of emotionally available adults in schools: Benefit to staff and students
  • ‘I wish my teacher knew’ They want to tell us. Are we ready to hear
  • Key skills in responding to and understanding challenging and/or trauma triggered behaviour.