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Running time
Full Webinar: 1 hr 22 mins

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Presenter: Dr Margot Sunderland

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About this webinar

In this webinar Dr Sunderland explores what we mean by emotionally healthy and emotionally unhealthy cultures. She draws on actual examples of healthy cultures in schools, youth offending institutions and prisons internationally. She discusses the key discernible features of an emotionally healthy culture which are the same whether in family cultures, school cultures, prison cultures or community cultures. Using powerful film footage, Dr Sunderland also describes the key features of any mentally unwell culture, showing why people in these cultures become ill  both physically and emotionally, burn out,  lose self -esteem with many feeling deeply angry, abused, becoming violent ( verbally or physically)  whilst others feel utterly  hopeless and despairing.

With specific focus on school cultures, Dr Sunderland  then discusses many examples of good practice to ensure emotional health for all. To support this, she will introduce TISUK’s Implementation checklist for emotionally healthy school cultures which is provided as key training resource for this webinar.  Using film footage and case material she explains, point by point, how schools can implement the checklist to ensure the wellbeing of both staff and students.

Overall, the webinar is designed to inspire support and galvanise staff and senior leads to work together to bring about an emotionally healthy culture for all.

Benefits from watching this webinar

  • Understand the key features of an ‘emotionally healthy’ and emotionally unhealthy culture illustrated with powerful film footage
  • Learn about vital key interventions to support the emotional well-being of both staff and students 
  • Learn how the TISUK Implementation checklist (provided with this webinar) can be used to ensure an emotionally healthy school culture
  • Feel inspired and energised to make positive change in your organisation